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Leslie Hopp

Massage Therapist

Owner Dancing Flower Massage

Licensed Massage Therapist


I have been a massage therapist since 2016.  I specialize in aromatherapy and have developed my own style of massage techniques.  I incorporate Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, aromatherapy and hot towels in a cozy environment that will help you melt away into relaxation and reduced pain. I take the time to listen to my clients' concerns and customize each massage accordingly.


I moved to the Grand Valley in 2003 to attend Mesa State College, earning a B.A. in fine arts, with a concentration in painting and pottery.  I enjoyed creating art and working in the retail and management world before finding my calling in massage therapy.  I'm excited to begin working with Rooted Valley Hair Company; I'm humbled and honored to have this opportunity.

Go to: Dancing Flower Massage for an appointment.  


Dancing Flower Massage, home of the exclusive Vibroacoustic therapy massage table only one of its kind in western Colorado, Leslie Hopp LMT is also a certified vibroacoustic therapist.  What is Vibroacoustic Therapy? Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) uses sound to produce vibrations that are applied directly to the body. Because our bodies are composed mainly of water – approximately 70% for an older person - all of this water is set into motion when the body is exposed to these sound vibrations. As this water is moved by the vibration, its molecules are reacting and communicating with each other. As this communication occurs, harmony and a healthy resonance are restored in the body What to expect at your treatment?  You will be warmly greeted as soon as you get in the door. There is a seating area in the front of the salon, it’s beautiful, full of plants, happiness, jewelry and fun stuff to look at even purchase if you find something you love. The massage room is located in the back of the salon. Leslie Hopp LMT will walk you back and you will step off of Main Street into an art immersive experience of healing and rest. The room is insulated so the outside world sounds light years away. There is a full sound system delivering clean crisp beautiful music, a comfy state of the art hydraulic vibroacoustic massage table delivering healing frequencies for a massage through your body, a full sound bath experience, pure vibration is moving through your body creating harmony within. Leslie will talk with you about your aches and pains to find out the goals and needs of your massage. She will step out, you get yourself cozy on the table, she’ll give you a few minutes to soak in the vibroacoustics, then she’ll step in to start the massage. 


She uses hot towels, aromatherapy (which can be opted out of if needed) massage techniques of Swedish, deep tissue, and sports. Delivering you into a deep level of massage land. When you leave you’ll find yourself in full zombie walk on the beautiful Main Street where you can saunter yourself to lunch if you desire so you don’t drive under the influence of relaxation!  Located on Main Street Grand Junction CO 81501  Inside Rooted Valley Hair Company.

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